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Classification of infrared light-emitting diodes


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        What are the classifications of infrared light-emitting diodes? Below, Cheng Guangxing infrared emission tube manufacturers to introduce to you:

        1. In-line low-power infrared light-emitting diodes, specifications include: straw hat/helmet, round head, concave, ellipse, tombstone type (2*3*4) bullet, flat head, (3/5/flat head/bread type) Piranha and so on.

        Second, SMD SMD type infrared light-emitting diodes, conventional models are generally divided into: (3020/3528/5050/5630 these are front-illuminated) / 1016/1024, etc. These are side-illuminated light sources.

Infrared emission tube

       Third, high-power infrared light-emitting diodes, high-power LEDs can not be classified into the patch series, their power and current use are different, and the photoelectric parameters vary greatly. If a single high-power LED light source is not equipped with a heat-dissipating base (generally a hexagonal aluminum seat), its appearance is not much different from that of a normal patch. The high-power LED light source is circular, and the package is basically the same as the SMD patch. However, there are essential differences between SMD patches in terms of use conditions/environments/effects.

       Fourth, COB light source, such infrared light-emitting diodes can be divided into: aluminum substrate COB, copper substrate COB, ceramic substrate COB, and the like.

       The above is the introduction of the classification of infrared light-emitting diodes. For more information about infrared light-emitting diodes, please visit Shenzhen Chengguangxing official website

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